Various Type Of Toys and Their Role in Child Development

Toys are among a child’s first possessions. They entertain kids, but they also help them learn about the world around them. Early experiences with toys can have lasting effects on a child. Age-appropriate toys help children learn and practice skills important to child development. Toys provide children with a creative outlet and encourage them to use their minds and their muscles. Playing stimulates the mind, and helps the children to develop cognitive and language skills. Toys that encourage movement help children develop gross and fine motor muscles. Pushing cars and trucks across the yard or floor uses the larger gross motor muscles of the arms, torso and legs. Playing with blocks builds fine motor muscles in the hands while teaching problem-solving skills.

The key to developing a child naturally is to choose quality toys that keep them occupied and teach them while they play. Parents often seek assistance in selecting the right toys at the most ideal stage of their child’s development. Many toys are designed for particular ages based on certain safety concerns; however, many others are designed to specifically encourage the development of certain abilities in a child. Researchers say that educational toys that foster the development of new learning skills may leave a permanent mark on young brains that can help them adapt as adults. Colored charts and blocks can be used to make them learn alphabets, numbers, and colors. They also improve the memory skills of the child. Moreover, when children complete a puzzle or a building block, they feel happy and satisfied. Toys also help in increasing their thinking and logical ability. However, playing for a long time can make the kids tired and they also need enough hours of sleep for their growth and development.

Most parents won’t allow their children to watch violent shows on television. These shows could scare the children and promote in them a behavior that is not acceptable. But many do not realize that war toys can have similar effects. Most experts say that children should not be allowed to play with guns or other toys that promote violence. There is the potential for many negative effects. These toys send the message that violence is acceptable and conflicts should be resolved by fighting. Too many toys at once can be overwhelming to children. Keep the play environment clutter-free, and group similar toys together. For example, provide a science and nature box with a magnifying glass, toy critters and a related book or place the block box near the transportation box to encourage creative play using both. Make sure modeling clay, sorting toys, puzzles, balls, riding and climbing toys are accessible to encourage healthy child development.

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