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Early childcare educators are most successful within their industry when they regularly review and update their skills. Continued education is a must in any field but early childcare training is essential, with new research and publications being released regularly on how to effectively teach, and provide a nurturing environment for young and special needs children. Young children in the care of teachers can significantly benefit by learning through play, eating healthy diets and exercising. Teachers can teach these methods by learning techniques through a professionally developed program that is implemented into the school or facility. When teachers work with consultants for regular early childcare training, childhood educators benefit both their careers, and the young children in their care.

Learning through Play

Young children and individuals with special needs learn best through play. At such a young age, children want to learn, and need to practice emergent skills in order to retain learning. When children are actively engaged, they have long attention spans. They enjoy making loud noise, taking things apart and putting them together again; solving problems; making choices; drawing, painting, and writing; reading and being read to; being expressive, singing and dancing. A consultant can teach early childhood caregivers how to implement learning through play into their curriculum, to effectively teach lessons, with an exciting approach.

Teachers, early childhood educators, and parents can take the initiative and purchase books on this topic to develop their understanding, and to inspire ideas on how they can implement this concept into the classroom and at home. A recommended book on learning through play is, “The Power of Play” by Ingrid Crowther. This learning resource for teachers and parents focuses on the developmental levels of cognitive and social play in young children.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

The habits that children learn in their youth will shape their views and practices for the future. An important area of development is physical, and nothing promotes strong bones and a healthy body like eating healthy and exercising. A consultancy with a holistic approach to their services can offer advice, books and publications on this topic.

Young students should be taught age appropriate exercises and their nutritional profile should be studied, as children have different needs than an adult’s daily requirements. Often times, students receive a lot of exercise at school when they play games and sports, and educational institutions with lunchrooms and cafeterias have been making more of an effort in recent years to improve the quality of food for children. This includes less processed meals and healthy, fresh snacks.

Developing a Program for the Classroom or at HOME

A consultancy that provides programs and implementation can design:

• Standards of practice

• Program development for pre-service and in-service early childhood education programs for on-site or distance learning  curriculums.
• Specific topic program development such as word processing or English as a second language courses.

Early childcare professionals benefit from a consultancy for program development, and to learn how to implement the latest techniques and information, for an effective learning environment. These techniques include learning through play, healthy eating and exercise for young children and students with special needs.

Lifelong Learn offers their team of early childcare training consultants to educational institutions.

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