Different Stages of Child Development

Is it possible for any parent to neglect the aspect of child development? Well the answer would be a big no. Taking care of the child’s development is a major concern for every parent as it is completely related with the health and well being of the child. Every single element related with the child development comprises a lot of concern of parents. Here we are discussing about one of the major subjects called Stages of child development in which lot of parents are keenly interested.

Stages of child development are a crucial element about which every parent keeps on looking for different information. Some people likes to know the various kinds of stages involved in the concept while some are interested to know what type of food should be given in which stage. Some are just wanted to know is there acting according to its stage or not. Well every stage comprises different types of elements which are actually the signs of your child’s development. The stages are basically divided in months starting from the birth of the child.

The first phase in the concept of Stages of child development is known as premature child development. This period ranges from one to twelve months. This is the period were excessive care and concentration of the parents is highly required by the child. This phase is all about some major physical development of the child. From the first month of the baby’s birth till fourth month, your baby will start expressing his different cute emotions like crying, frowning, laughing and sometimes just smiling innocently. Usage of single syllables for talking could be found in fifth to eighth months. The concept of language development would continue till the twelfth month when some meaningful words would be uttered by the kid.

The second phase in the Stages of child development starts from the 13th month and ends on the 36th month that means till 3rd year. This stage is basically known as toddler’s development. The kid’s vocabulary could be found getting improved from the 13th month. Apart from this, growth in the physical ability could also be seen at this time. Fussiness in the eating habits is usually found at this stage as the appetite of the child starts getting decreased. The period of 18th to 24th month is all about clearing the skills of speaking. Some hyper physical activities could also be found here. Training about the toilet manners is a must for this age of child. From 24th to 36th month the child will start brushing its teeth and follow your verbal instructions.

At last is the pre-schooling development which starts from 3rd year and ends till 5th year in the various stages of child development. This is the time when child needs to interact with people other than its family members. It helps to increase and develop its social activities.

These were the four basic stages which are present in the process of every child’s development. For becoming an efficient parent it is crucial to get understanding about all these stages so as to provide a healthy life to your kid.

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