Crucial Stages of Delivery

The day of labour is waited by all for those 9 months of pregnancy. Still there is a fear for getting everything right is always present there in the mind of both the mother and the family. So it’s better that you know about the Stages of labour and delivery beforehand so that you can be prepared for the day very well. This will also make your fear do diminish and allow you to enjoy the stages and know the joy of being a mother. The whole process of birth can be divided into four stages. Let us look at these four stages and allow you to know more about that coming wonder.

The first stage: in the beginning of the labour it commences with the coming of pain and contraction and at this stage the cervix is opened for around 10cms. This stage of labour can be divided into two parts

1. Latent part: this is the very beginning of labour pain where the cervix is approximately 3cms dilated. The contraction pain slow and the time and length of this period can be around 6 hours to 24 hours. In rare cases patients faces this for around 72 hours. The duration is short for second or third time of delivery.
2. Active Phase: this is the part where the cervix is dilated from 3cms to 10cms and the phase the contradictions are high and in the cases the this can be called the right labour pain phase. This time it can be highly discomforting and breathing systems must run properly in order to make the right delivery system. For those ladies who have already faced this in previous deliveries will face less trouble and contraction in this phase.

The Second Stage: In these Stages of labour and delivery the cervix is diameter of 10cms and the baby can now pass out any time as also the uterus and the vagina and the delivery can happen. During this stage the contraction is extremely strong for around 2-3 minutes this phase runs.

The Third Stage: The baby is delivered and the uterus and contracts and shrinks in this size and due to this the placenta separates from the inner surfaces of the uterus and this is expelled out. This lasts for more than 30 minutes. Placenta is removed in this stage.

4th Stage: In this time the lady and the bay is examined and then delivered to the room.

During these Stages of labour and delivery you will transform yourself into a complete lady and make sure that this is one of the most enjoyable moments of your life.

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