Child Development Points to See

A parent should be fully aware of the child development points that a child will go through. These can easily change as a child gets older. A child who develops normally is one that will go through all of these development points.

These child development points relate to more than just physical development. They also relate to how a child is able to function mentally.

A one month old should start to feel pain and understand how temperature and touch work. The child will begin to distinguish sounds at the three month point.

A six month old will start to recognize one’s mother and understand which people are strangers. The child will also develop a better sense of control of one’s limbs at this point.

A one year old child will develop to where the child can begin to repeat words and become interested in one’s mirror image. The child should also be able to feed oneself in a controlled environment.

A child who is two years of age should be able to walk on one’s own. The child can also begin to run at this point. Also, a two year old will be able to have an easier time with distinguishing shapes and colors. A child can also start to feel more independent and less dependent on one’s mother. In fact, a child should be able to speak around fifty words at this point.

A three year old can have a vocabulary of nearly three hundred words and can begin to understand one’s first name. The child may want to start looking into why things happen as well. Also, the child will develop to where it can move up and down stairs without assistance.

A four year old will have many child development points as well. A four year old should know how to speak in complete sentences and be able to interact with others outside of one’s family. The child can also be capable of knowing how to get dressed and get undressed.

Finally, there are some points can be found in a five year old. A five year old should be able to handle cognitive physical functions like riding a bike or swimming. The child can also understand how time and order are used.


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